This question is only for a kodular moderator

Hello team kodular,
I have a very important question and I want to be answer this question only by a kodular staff.
The question is :
I want to publish my app on mi app store, vivo app store and many others app store.
But when I try to upload them on other app stores they reject my app due to virus something trojan.
I want solution of my question.
If I publish my app other app play store after taking approval from kodular it will accept by them or reject by them.
And also suggest me way to publish my app on other app stores also.
My app is live on play store but I want to publish it in other app stores also.

Hoping to get help from you.
Thank You.

I think search button is your friend :smile::mag:

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It will remove the Trojan virus from apk file and for converting apk to aab file

You can use this tool :point_down:

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If you published your app in playstore then, you Don’t need to app approval from Kodular! But if you published other store then need to approval from kodular!

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Are you sure that after taking approval from kodular app will be also available to publish on other stores.
Something a.gray.inventor.a is found on the app because of this app is unable to accepted by other stores.