This version cannot be released


Error: This version cannot be released because it does not allow existing users to upgrade to the new app packages.

I had already updated the application several times before, even 1 day before the kodular update.
But after updating the platform, I was no longer able to update, as this print error always appears.

It’s best to use English, so others can understand your purpose, thanks

The first sentence of the post is the translation of the error

the aab was signed, I uploaded it and the playstore accepted the aab, the version is superior, but even so, it won’t let me publish the application. Until last week, the updates were working correctly, even though I had to export the apk and convert it to aab

The only thing I found is that it may be because of the version, the value of both the version name and the version code should be greater.
The strange thing is that they have admitted the burden of the aab.

The last version I sent and updated was: Version Name:
Version Code: 10099

The one I’m sending now for updating is:

Version Name:

Version Code: 10100

I checked that the version code was like 1010

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