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You are not a noob you are a begginer or newbie

That is I want to say but others do not get

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The link you provided is not working. Upload your apk here or upload screenshot of your app

Is I am working on it . I will upload apk tommorow after some editing and please give me feedback

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for new questions please always start a new thread
the answers to your questions are not only for you, but for anyone, who might have the same question in future…
also please read how to ask questions

Thank you



Thanks for your valuable help

That’s what I did…
That’s how this community works.

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Now the same mistake here happens . i want to say that i tried my best to give most level of information please tell me how should i ask this this question not how to ask a questions . see i did not want to chat more on this topic because i created this for my help




Neither do I…
If you want to get appropriate solution to your problem then you should follow this How to ask a question?

Let me make it easier for you
Asking questions
To improve the chance of getting help on the forum please follow these recommendations when posting a question:

Do your homework first
Search for similar questions/answers on the forum. Try forum search and also Google your problem.
Try to solve the problem yourself, and describe what you have tried. It is much more rewarding to help someone who has tried himself first.
Post in the right categorie, post only once and do not steal topics
Make sure that you post your question in the correct category, and only post your message once.
Do not post replies to old topics asking your own question. Start your own new topic instead. Hi-jacking other peoples topics is against the Forum Rules and irritates everyone.
Use a short and descriptive title
The title is the only part of your message that most visitors will see, so make sure that a reader can understand the important part of your question only from reading the title.
Do not use titles like “Need help”, “IMPORTANT”, “Problem”, “URGENT”. Stating the obvious or using all-CAPS just irritates people and does not make volunteers more willing to help you.
Include enough details, preferably also pictures
Write a comprehensive question that includes enough details to understand your problem without having to ask complementary questions. Include important settings, extensions or software used, error messages, …
Write in clear English if you can, using punctuation and paragraphs when needed. Preview and proof-read your message before you post it. Clear and well formatted questions always get more answers.
Pictures / screen-captures are often better than words, so please take the time to attach pictures to your question.
Describe what you have done to try to solve your problem. People are much more willing to help if you show that you have made an effort yourself first.
Give feedback and support our community
Please say thanks when someone has helped you and summarize how you finally solved your problem. Everyone here are unpaid volunteers and it is much more fun to help people who show their gratitude. A final note on the solution also helps others with the same problem.
Please also take the time to answer other people’s questions. We want a community where everyone does their best to help each other.
Etiquette - Follow the forum guidelines
Please review the Forum Guidelines 19
Be nice, assume and act in good faith and use smileys when making jokes
Do not ask questions in private, post your question publicly on the forum so that also other people can learn from the discussions.
Do not cross-post, do not steal/hi-jack other peoples threads, all forms of aggression’s and bad language are forbidden. Be nice!
Please do not be afraid to ask questions on the forum. We want questions and no question is too stupid, just please try to follow the advice in this post.
Kodular Community is a place for koders around the world. Everybody has to be able to ask, reply and understand all questions which may affect them
This is the reason why English is the unique allowed language in public posts
Copied from the post how to ask a question by Peter

thanks @OfficialDjJohn

can you help me
i try before asking
i want to create a redeem system for promocode. all promocode are in airtable with amount. i want that if i click a button it verifies that code is in airtable and if it is it gets the amount and delete the row.
i made till verification og code but i am not getting now what should i do next

I’m gonna unlist and close this topic. @Kushagra, if you wanna help about other subject, create another topic for it.