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Name - Thriller App Store

App -

I Know that i did not provide any information my app ui is not good , many buggs and some things are not working
sorry for that

i created this topic to help my app gets more good by our help

i will ask here all my doubts so i did not create multiple topics

i am a noob i did not know anything so tell me where i make mistake

plese reply me fast so that i can change

What to change?

my app ui plese give me suggestion tell me about bugs

We are not robots :robot: that tell you in a second

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ok ok take your time

Post screenshots so we can see the UI. Not everyone will want to download the apk file.

Post screenshots of your blocks causing the bugs.

Tell us what’s not working.

ok @Appzucci

You need to make app more functional so we can suggest any changes.
Btw some suggestions for improvement :wink:
Use Custom fonts
Use Background Images
Use some color to make look good
And more but make app more functional so we can suggest any changes.

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which background image is best for an app store

i will imp lent the 2 changes thank you

Side menu button is not working

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yes i am working on it i am making a custom button for it

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And you should provide app name below the app icon.


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You can do this with html code.

Hey @Kushagra you really need to read this How to ask a question?


As mentioned above I am a noob I do not know anything but can you explain me how I should ask the question that I asked I think ramrajput get what I want to say it depends upon how you get the post

If you do not understand
Here I try
I want to write text on my screen using kodular component label. The text I am writing is of 2-3 lines . I want a specific part of it to be clickable . How can I do it .

I think why people cannot understand my language or they just post for chatting purpose. I am telling you once I created a topic in which I have direct links to some website ( government website ) and government website has adds and they were not my adds. Without even checking that it is my adds or another a prokoder directly blame me for voilating rules and told that Peter Should take acison I am telling you when I started using kodular I have small problems when I came to know about the community I thought that I can get some professional help . I tried to not voilating rules of community and I asked my problem but I really telling you my post were made hidden for voilating rules without telling which rule I voilate . After many posts same happened . I left this community for a month . I came back with new enthusiasm but same here without fully checking what I am posting people post and I am surprised how unresponsible people get prokoders batch and I know this post will be hidden I will be flaged and banned from community after this post