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Thumbnail Downloader

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It allows you to download YouTube and Vimeo thumbnails in multiple quality in one click.

:star2: Direct Download from YouTube app
:star2: Preview in multiple quality
:star2: Download in multiple quality
:star2: Multiple quality options


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Thumbnail_Downloader.apk (5.7 MB)

AIA file :



Greae @ramrajput200021 . Nice UI :grinning:

  1. In case if the provided link is wrong, then there is no such indication is shown.
    Only a snackbar showing ‘Loading’ text appears and nothing happens futher.
    So in this how would I know if the link is wrong?
    Screen recording :point_down:

  1. Also, after we get the thumbnail if we click on preview button, then the loading snackbar is shown and nothing happens further.

Btw, a good app :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your feedback and this will be corrected soon.

This will also corrected soon.


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Version 1.0.2

:star2: Fixed errors faced by @Vaibhav
:star2: Some Minor Changes
:star2: APK Updated


In case if no preview is available, then the same should be indicated with proper error message.
Currently it give false error text that the link is incorrect or I don’t have internet connection, which is wrong
And after this the screen goes blank which is not proper, I guess.
Screen recording :point_down:

APK Updated and I think now all errors described by @Vaibhav are resolved.

@Vaibhav the Bug Finder :grin:
bug programmer GIF

Anyways, Nice app @ramrajput200021 but I think you should add more functionality to app. Like support for other platforms. Eg. Vimeo, insta, FB, etc


There are few more bugs, as listed below, that can be solved

  1. When I directly share a link to your app(according to the 3rd screen shot in your original post), I expect that the link gets pasted directly in your app’s link textbox and the related thumbnail should be displayed along with the other option.
    But this doesn’t happens. Instead, inspite of directly sharing link to your app, I have to manually paste the link in the provided textbox and then haave to click search.

  2. I got the thumbnail after entering the link. Now I just edited or entered an invalid link and clicked search. Then in this case it shows me invalid link error as expected but the preview and download option do not disappear, which should, as the current link is invalid.
    Screen recording :point_down:

  1. Why some links are shown as invalid? The same links work well when I copy paste in the browser.




I gues you want to say Vimeo

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Working perfectly for me. When I share YouTube Video link from Chrome to my app then it paste link to textbox and thumbnail also displayed automatically.

Will be fixed soon.

Can you please share these links ?

I will soon work on this.

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I got the specific case (Steps :point_down: ) in which this bug is reproduced

  1. Open your app

  2. Now click devices’ home button, so that your app goes to the background

  3. Now open YouTube app and copy(share) any video link directly from there to your app

  4. Notice that no link is copied directly to your app nor any thumbnail is generated

Assuming that this would not be considered as #off-topic, here :point_down: is an example link that your app shows to be invalid
As stated earlier, I have shared above link (which is not related to the topic) here, as it was required to check which type of link doesn’t work in the discussed app. Let me know if this is not allowed, will remove if it is so.

Done and working. Can you share video as this is working for me.

I have checked this link and I wants to tell you that, by default app shows thumbnail of size 640 X 480 after that users can change thumbnail quality. The video link you have shared didn’t have thumbnail of 640 X 480 and above quality that’s why app always shows invalid video link.
Currently app supports only video link which has all quality thumbnails.

I cannot share a recording of the same for some reasons


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Version Update : 1.0.3

:star2: Now app supports Vimeo Thumbnails : Anyone can download Vimeo Videos Thumbnails by just providing Video ID.
:star2: Vimeo Videos supports 3 type of thumbnails quality (High, Medium and Small)
:star2: Some Minor Changes

Thanks for advising me. More will be added soon.

It’s just a coincidence. I have added feature shown in third screenshots that’s why I added that screenshot.

Oh :thinking: :thinking: really ??


ps : i deleted my post on thumbnail downloader as many are copying it and not even giving any credit to me. i know we don’t have any right on an idea but the way you copied my design without any credit is i think not good. :disappointed:

Hello can you kindly send me the .aia file of the thumbnail downloader

Check out this ;