Thunkable to kodular

I had a project on thunkable which I import into kodular, but to export it to google play console: first we had to change sha1 then now I have this message: Your APK or your Android App Bundle must carry package name com …
So at the moment I cannot export my project. What should I do? What is the solution? Thank you

I found
you have to go downstairs
in “advanced properties” and put the old package name, that of thunkable which starts with com.yourname.appname


recover the aia file from thunkable, recover the kleystore. Then on kodular import the AIA file. click on settings at the top right, in the window delete the kleystore, import that of thunkable. in the Screen properties at the bottom go to advanced properties and put the name of the package that gives you the google console and voila, all is in place to export your apk

Nice info,
But are you 100% shure all thunkable components they are compatible with all kodular components ?
All Appybuilder components they are compatible with all kodular components, to achieve this they had to make changes !!!

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Is this is a guide. If yes then it is worst. If anyone used thunkable components then it will not import to kodular.

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