Tiktok Search bar


Can someone help me.

So now I am making like tiktok app and I want to make search bar to the video and sounds so can someone tell me how to make or if someone has example project then plz send it to me

No one is here to give you ready made project. You should try it yourself. We are here to help you

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It dosen’t works with kodular.


Ohh I’m sorry then I’ll delete the post

I have tried it. It doesn’t work with kodular

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Once I read somewhere that Kodular uses different title bar therefore it doesn’t works.


this is simple to MAKE IN KODULAR

I know how to make a simple search bar. Wait I will make a tutorial about it. Currently I am not at home. I will make it in few hours

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If it’s simple for you why don’t you share the solution?

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here global view is list from which you will search for.
this is from my old projects this will help you.


Use an icon on the title bar and when clicked… Use the same procedure as @themaayur said

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