Time ago on Listview

How can i display Time ago on List view
i hope their is an Extension or a method with blocks that i can use to display Time ago (e.g, Just now,Minutes ago,hours ago,Years ago) on my list view app

Please post a block i have a need for this method

blocks are in this link.

Read properly pls
i need the method to use
i never mentioned having it

great but how to use this block like where screen intilize or …
Where show this value

where you have using show time ago, get time saved from database and then while showing compare it.

just for an example for single value, for list you need to compare every item of list(list of get time).

Waw great but how to show in card view

@sonufahadansari try it first, and if failed then ask. if we tell everything then you will never learn.


where is epoch block in clock

Seriously :rofl:


Yes please send screen shot



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Where is this block

I have a need this block

Sorry but i give up


He has created a procedure and added a variable named as epoch. That’s a procedure not a clock component block.

Please learn how to use Kodular before posting a question on the community. The block which you’ve highlighted is a procedure block.

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