Time, but not in gregorian


ser i hav the smal app. i must get curent time if i pres button get_time. if i get it show in gregorian type. i want simple in hh;mm;ss and ddmmyyyy format. let us cal this time1
first i wnt this.
next step, once this done, i wil put target date and time. tis is time2. i must get how many hour hours are ther betwin time1 and time2.
plese help.

sory. i have got it. it is this. second pic.

so fisrt part is done. plese help solve secon part.

For the first one, use format as date time
Set instant to call Clock.Now

For second part, use duration block
Set start to (Get Mills instant: Make instant from “time1”)
Set end to (Get Mills instant: Make instant from “time2”)

If the time contain am/pm, or it is not in MM/dd/YYYY hh:MM:ss or MM/dd/YYYY or hh:mm format, then it won’t work

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hi if i get curent time. i send to one textbox1. this is time1. what block to use to say time1 is data of texbox1.
my steps. i create 1 textbox1 and one buton1. if i click buton1, get curent time and show in textbox1. but to find durasion i must get time1. what is textbox1 is same only time1. but how will i tell my app?

ok for rite now, i put texbox1 insted of timer1, and textbox2 insted of timer2. i took current time. eg 06/11/2020 01:01:01 am removed am/pm in end manualy. (how can i got it automaticly). then i put tarjet time 06/12/2020 01:01:01 am. i cliked durasion. i get 86353000. this s ms. if konvrted it is 24 hours. wel done. smal problems. i must find solusion. ty. i wil come back soon with odher prblems.

Check this.
You can make it with blocks, or extension.

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