'Timer enabled to false' block is n't working when added within a 'Title bar back button clicked' event

‘Timer enabled to false’ block is n’t working when added within a ‘Title bar back button clicked’ event.
can anyone say why ?

Setup a label to make sure the method is working. If it is, and the timer is still not stopping, then put it into a proceedure and call it from there.

I did… That is how I confirmed the issue…

So it stops if you use a function?

I meant the timer is still running when I click the title bar back button…

So as I suggested try if calling a function shuts it off.

Update: The problem is finally solved.
It was my mistake… Because I added a lot of procedures. One of them had a ‘web.get’ component and there was a timer component in ‘Got’.
A lot of my other problems were related to the very same mistake I made. I have been working for many days to solve this problem. I have wasted other’s time as well as mine :disappointed_relieved:
Sorry :persevere:

lesson learned: ‘Always test each and every method by setting up a label’


Don’t worry about it. I can tell you most of us have been through the exact same thing.

You have a good lesson learned, use labels, and debug step by step by step. I like to say… follow the bouncing ball. Follow the bit path.

Well done on going through this and figuring it out.


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