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Hello dear @pavi2410
I’m stucked into a project and need your help.

Say I have a Unix timestamp 1234566. I am currently residing in timezone Asia/Kolkata. Plz tell me how can I convert the timestamp into corresponding date and time for US/New_York timezone?

Our generic clock component can’t do that as far as I know.

So you want to convert timestamp to time & date it’s very easy bro

You can do this with milliseconds block…

Explain…How you can do it…
Milliseconds returns the date and time for your current timezone of your device…not other timezone.

Where You Saved Your Timestamp to tinydb or Firebase… Tell me

Oh so if you want to convert it to other time zone maybe online timer extension will help you

Use Web Component for it .
it is too easy and you can also get the time pf wherever you want.

Online timer returns only current time…plus I have Epoch Unix timestamp (say, Unix time of one week ago) which I have to convert it to readable date and time for different timezone say “America/Los_Angeles” while I’m in Asia/Kolkata timezone.

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Plz Explain the procedure.

Bro I’m from pakistan… And time is 12 am its sleep time… I will guide you today Arround 12:00PM… It’s possible but it takes time to do it

set web url to this


then get the web.

and when webview got text
then use json utils and get the pair “datetime”

Thanxx…but that’s not what I wanted. It’s current time only. I asked to convert any Epoch timestamp into Date and time format for other timezone.

i am not understanding bro what you want…
can you tell for what you need this…

Hmmm…there is the pain :grin:

Okay…let’s have a example…I’m giving you a time stamp…say 1561145175 (will not say what time it is).

Convert it in our app into human readable date and time where timezone is “Asia_Pacific/Auckland”.

Note: You are in different timezone than “Asia_Pacific/Auckland”.

Give me the solution.

Okay :grin::relieved: i will do it for you

Don’t know if it’s right or wrong


:blush: No its not working. Anyway thank you, u tried for me. Ken helped me and now I found what I want.

you have found a solution, please share it

Are you asking or saying? If asking, then I must say yes…and it is a custom extension made by @Ken

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