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What is the countryCode, eg for Germany? (de or DE not working)

Try phone call/std code

I tried, doesn’t work.

Try something like Germany as you suggested yourself?

Its CET(Central European Time)
Time code is of three letters

Then the best thing is to rename country code to time code or timezone to avoid confusions.

yes, or explaining it in the (Blocks) documentation

That is country time code
Like for india IST
That Is Name Used Online
I Can’t Make You Understand :sweat_smile:
Its confusing for me also now​:sweat_smile:
But wait here is a list of some countries

Country Code Acre Time
AFT Afghanistan Time
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time
AST Arabia Standard Time
ART Argentina Time
BST Bangladesh Standard Time
BTT Bhutan Time
BOT Bolivia Time
CLST Chile Summer Time
CST China Standard Time
CT China Time
HKT Hong Kong Time
IOT Indian Ocean Time
IST Indian Standard Time
KST Korea Standard Time
KOST Kosrae Time
KRAT Krasnoyarsk Time
KGT Kyrgyzstan Time
MYT Malaysia Time
MVT Maldives Time
MSK Moscow Time
NPT Nepal Time
NZST New Zealand Standard Time
PKT Pakistan Standard Time
SLST Sri Lanka Standard Time

Sorry i didn’t know that not every code is of 3 letters
But most of them are​:blush:

It is that​:sweat_smile: Country Time Code
I dont know its Perfect Name

“Time Zone Abbreviations”

If so this is for you:


Ok Thanks​:kissing_heart::blush:

May i ask how can i indicate the time format?

As your time is like 21:40 Then enter HH:mm


Hi Krish

How can I get the (online) DATE from your extension?

Please add 2 features, if possible:

  1. Can you please make a feature that would allow the syncing of the rate of timer ticks with the rate of system clock ticks? My timer ticks quite a bit slower than my system clock.
  2. Timer resume feature after shut down of background app. I am thinking of something along the lines of, if timer has a difference of 10 seconds from a certain reference time of the system clock before shut down, then when reopening the app, timer starts from the same 10 seconds difference from the system clock. But of course, feature request number one would be needed for this to be good.

Thank you so much!

I have tried this and succeeded, but it consumes a lot of internet data all the time and how do we stop it so that when we need it, we use it ??

bug crash after compail apk

thank you for your detailed bug report…
I guess, the developer of the extension will be able to fix it easily after following your report (sarcasm)