[FREE] Online checker extension to check online time

Online checker is a fast and easy extension to get online time and to check internet connection in app.And it is absolutely free for everyone.

Special thanks to @Andres_Cotes


  1. Get time server
  2. Get time stamp
  3. Time and date format pattern
  4. Get time of different zones
  5. Check internet connection

Example of blocks to use this extension


Get test APK

Get example AIA


What timezones are possible. I looked at the once on this page.


But i seem not to find the right one to use for the Netherlands, western europe.

i tried GMT and WET but he is telling me the wrong time. 09:41 but it is 16:41 here.


Hey can you tell me how to embed a YouTube video here

Just paste the link:


Keep up the funny work @Peter :joy:


Now it’s not working on kodular new version. It always say error 1011. Fixed it plz

Download extension…com.androteq.Onlinechecker.aix (34.7 KB)

import extension…

refresh browser page after import completed…

Had such issues with chrome browser…try Mozilla or another browser if it still fails to import…

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what is APItokan

It’s not for publicly use

so what im use

You can use extension, but you API should be same as default to work it.

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What was that. Feels me i have missed a lot of things in childhood and this is one of it.

its not working dud

here is an alternative extension
Extension to get Date and Time from a NTP server by Juan Antonio

btw. you always can use the web component and an API of your choice to get the date and time…



It is Not Working since 29-May-2019.

What’s the solution to get online Date or Time

Check my extension

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Guys, plz provide a extension for online date and time because it very important, send link here, and how to use it,…

bro check my lateset free extension its fully :grin:


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