Tiny data add and delete simultaneously

there is more than one list in table name, if dynamic button press list open but if again press second list also open and add in previous list, can anybody solve this problem.

dont use specific button, use when any dynamic button is clicked

used only dynamic button

how many dynamic buttons are there

only one dynamic button, in that 8 (table name), each table name has seperate list

why do you want to store in tiny DB , why dont you directly go to the selected list ?

set this list to create empty list whenever user presses dynamic button, your problem will resolved.

I tried like this but no effect

actually what you are trying for? you are looking for tinyDB or add items to the list. Please give more specific

I am trying to add new list and at the same time previous list must be removed.

see what you are doing, just you are adding all the list present in the global name. So even if youset empty list it will continue to add all the elements…


try like this, so selected name only will add every time, and previous value will be lost…


like this ? still problem not solved

Hello why empty block, Did you see clearly what I mention? Actually what you want to add in that list, table name only n?

Use select list item list get (table names) index (get id)


In simple
Use get tinny Db get value tag (table name)
Value if not there (empty text box)

Both will work.

I feel you want to add only the selected table name in to the list. Above two methods will work

I tried your both method, but problem is not solved.
the problem is that new list added in previous list without removing it.

When airtable got row
Set global new list to create new list

I tried like this, and i am savinf/Adding only the selected table name to the list and cross checked with the label also.


did it still not solve…

It means you are having problem at somewhere

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