Tiny Tb not storing the data

Hey, Koders I am storing the User name and row in the tiny tb after They signup but when i am using them in the application to call their data from the airtable or for the other purpose it shows that there is no data so I decided to put it inside a notifier to check and after i see the notifier it is showing 0 which means data is not present please help me about this.


Are you sure the “values” list has any elements? You might want to print the contents of the list in a notifier and check if it’s empty

Wait i will check it by printing out using notifier

Yes there is list of names in it

Check that condition if true where you are saving data in tinydb tag row by printing or alert after store tinydb block to ensure that condition is running or not

Yes the code block is working fine

Are you changing the TinyDB namespace somewhere?


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