Tinydb loses data when starting other screen

i write a app that store the user setting in tinydb and load it when opened next time
i also have 3 screens to provide different ui style for user to choose from
when user choose other screen it call another screen on screen1 initialize
but when next time open the data is lost
i tried to load the data in screen1 before calling another screen and it partally fixes the issue now some data is there some is lost for some reason
ive used hackappdata to read the apps sharedprefrences and value is correctly stored and only erased when other screen is called
is there anything wrong with my program or its just another bug in kodular which they probably wont fix consider the build server quality now

GOD_fine_revisit_fix(2).aia (928.7 KB)
GOD_fine_revisit_fix32.apk (5.2 MB)
the rgb value cannot be saved and if i didnt load the tinydb data to variable before calling another screen all data is lost

TinyDB is really simple to use if you follow the rules: first read the tag before storing something at that tag


at both screen i read the tag on initialize so def before any data got written

update:the rgb save issue is resolved now i think its related to java datatype because when i first set a slider position then use that to make color it worked

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