tinyDB reset value

Am i doing any mistake?

In my app i make user to click two times only then next day only they can submit theri details. So i used tinydb to store all teh requirements but i am unable to reset the tinydn value when next day open…![Screenshot_11|550x433]

this is when screen initilize to perform
Screenshot_11 (upload://rse4YiPyOqcmZIsgeGErQK8aV0e.png)

this is whenever user clicks the submit button

In the community i saw many posts regarding get value only but no post related with reset tinydb after particular time. And one more thing for the date.text i didnt use clock, i have linked with online time taken from worldtimeapi.org

Just take TinyDB.Store block and store the value empty or other than your saving value.

what if the value is 0 it’s doing subtract agaim and again. like -1, -2, -3 etc.

No… once 0 comes mean further clicks are disabled untill the tiny Db value restored to 2.

every time when user clicks, i will pop up message like Remaining number of available clicks,So that i am subtracting by 1. It works perfectly but I dont know how to reset the value again to 2 on next day. Thats why in the screen initialize time i have added blocks as posted in the above image but it doesnt work.

Is thee another method to follow?

on the next day procedure set TinyDB.ValueStore to 2

that point blocks only , i dont know how to construct


Use label text from in Screen1 in Else block.
Then compile it and test and Enjoy!

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