Tinydb to mysql

Is there any way to sync or upload entries from tinydb to mysql when network connected ?

Yes. You can use network block.
When network connected upload tinyDB data to MySQL and clear tinyDB. When there is no internet connection store data to tinyDB.

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could you help me with the Block ?

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1- Already have the mysql database ready on the host? :grinning:
1.1- Do you know how to use kodular with relational database on the host? :slightly_smiling_face:
If all answers are YES, :slightly_smiling_face:
2-Get the data from tinydb . :+1:
Did you research how this is done?
3- Send them to your host (item 1.1.) :+1:

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You’ve already been told to post in English. Please stop disrespecting the very forum and users you want help from.

Just follow the steps I wrote :+1:

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Hi @roberto_rossano :+1::grin:

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