TinyWeb DB Not Working | Communication with the web service timed out

My own server is also not working
same error.

Is your server running ? Have you check it ?

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yes it’s working
i got this error
“Communication with the web service encountered a protocol exception”

You got this error in Kodular Companion Or in the APK?

Do you have nmap in your device, If have then check the server Ports are open or not. Ports: 443, 80. If these ports are normal then Please describe your server clearly. Which type of server is this?

I tried as companion and apk.

I don’t know much about servers.

I added tiny db to the subdomain veri.kodsuzyazilim.tk
It was working before, but now it’s not working.

Sorry! Which language you are using. I can’t understand…

As I know You have purchased hosting and got Cpanel. Can you give me the Main Domain so that I can understand which server your host is using. Litespeed or Apache or Nginx.

I have found that You are using Litespeed <3. From Where you have purchased your hosting?

It’s a gift from
HostLAB com

Do you know nmap? If knew then you have to check the Ports Opened in the server & Share the screenshot in the community.

How to use nmap?


Again a difficult subject. I was using it before. It’s giving an error today

That’s why I am asking you to do so?
May be Hotlab Team has stopped such ports which are required for tinyweb to communicate.


In the Configuration of Tinyweb there may be some misconfigurations which are reflecting now!

Check this…

in this image right, add https and try with your server URL.

now i will try again using 000webhosting. I will post the results.

i already tried it :slight_smile:

Yes you can try 000. Its better than Hostlab I think. 000 servers are at least better & faster than Hostlab.

not working…

Have you checked these things & configurations like permissions and all…


As Far I know, You are hosting your website in 000webhost a part of Hostinger. But They are using VPS and you are getting hosting as Shared. So Make sure Hostinger .htaccess file is correct & Check this things clearly…


If these things doesn’t work then may be its a temporary problem with Kodular TinyDb Web

htaccess and tried with tiny web db files. If I’m trying on 2 separate servers and getting an error, I think kodular have a problem.

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Yes! Its Possible. Wait and try again later…