TinyWebDB on other platfrom

hello everyone,

is it possible to use TinyWebDB on Android Studio, Sketchware, and Xcode?

Why do you want to use “TinyWebDB” in android studio when you build your apps on makeroid?

that’s why it is Off Topic

If you want to work with a database on android studio then I would use "Firebase.

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app inventor is open source, so it should be possible to copy the java code from the component, but is it possible to use it on other platforms like Xcode or PhoneGap?

it doesnt work in China !

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Yes of course that’s possiple.
But if you work with android studio then I personal would not use such a “bad” component.
Firebase is really easy to use in android studio.

But if you don’t want that, then you can copy the code from App Inventor and use it for your own project.
Don’t forget to look at the licenses which app inventor uses for the things that you want.


You can develop the Java component, as the TinyWebDB has various endpoints which can be used to manually get, post and delete data

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If you can’t use Firebase, I would suggest you to just find something else. TinyWebDB is not secure and not the best platform you can find to store data.

There are lots of db software to use. Just search Google :wink: