Tip for those who have APP on the playstore

We know how difficult it is to gain new users on Google Play. The tip is to avoid using components that ask for permission when opening the application. Preferably do not require any permission to use the app. From experience, many users end up uninstalling. Use permissions if really necessary.

Example component that use storage permission can be replaced by similar component that does not need permission in case it works in the ASD folder


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I think everyone is aware of this simple fact. So what is it about?
Is there any question connected with this?

Some components need permissions that cannot be bypassed (e.g. Camera, SoundRecoder, LocationSensor, …).

If you want to create a helpful guide, do so, but such statements are of no use to anyone.

The idea and finding solutions together. there are components in kodular that to access the asd folder ask for permission or even to read the txt file that are in the assets folder. My solution was to get file extension from third parties.

In other words, it doesn’t seem to be as obvious as mentioned.

There are still some permission bugs with Kodular (also with AI2) with some components, especially with the File component, which have to be fixed. If you want to point them out again, do so by naming them. I’ve done it enough times already.

In addition, components (which can save something, such as the File component) should also be able to save in the Shared folders without storage permissions on Android 11+.

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