Tips for hooking users in a game

How to keep users hooked to a game and maintain their interest ?
Suggestions will also help other developers to know and learn new techniques and ways to do the same.

  • Reward the user if he engages in the app. For example you can give some item or points if user stays on your app for 30 minutes.
  • If their are results in your game, there should be a leader board or something like that and a ability to share results.
  • You should make app personalized for every user by adding abilities such as making friend, playing together, etc.
  • You can also reward the user for sharing your app with his peers.

My first thing which came to my mid was:

And you should always show them what they already have done, but more than that, which levels/time/whatever they have not done/which has to be played.


PS: Nice topic, it will help lots of users here who don’t know much about App Developing.