Tips to have good UI in your app

:small_orange_diamond:Get design look from

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:small_orange_diamond:Always firstly work on design in kodular rather than making working app
:small_orange_diamond:Use different fonts in your app which you can download from
:small_orange_diamond:Always prefer more to cardviews rather than other arrangements
:small_orange_diamond:Use animations like(Loading on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation)
and vector
For example (Free Vector | Set of people using modern technologies)
:small_orange_diamond:Prefer more to light mode more than dark mode.
:small_orange_diamond:Use different background colour of screen than of arrangements (but use only little different colour than content)
For example :- #F7F7F7 as background and #FFFFFF as cardview background(cardview is content)
:small_orange_diamond:Prefer more to ios designs
:small_orange_diamond:Use high quality images which you can download from (EDITED)
:small_orange_diamond:Use gradient of light colour( don’t use gradients everywhere in your this will make your app very ugly)

I will update this post if I found more.
Please kodular staff add a way to change the elevation color of cardview.


I would disagree. I always want my app to work before i make the design.

Freepik is not free. You have to buy a subscription or you have to keep the copyright. There are better places without copyright. For instance


places like with copyrighted, copyright free and freeware, linkware, public domain, etc etc.




Not at all.

Something more constructive/detailed would be preferred over a one-liner. Thanks :smile:


I agree with you but If you will create UI first in kodular(which is quite difficult in kodular ) you will don’t need to waste your time again for your app after creating a simple app you will just need to work on blocks

I think if you prefer more to the ios designs you will give great look to your app. As you will be knowing that most of the android apps are based on ios designs even some OS also. is what i always use for icons :blush:

Thanks for the input. I think everyone has their own tips but it is not too much to know the others, this allows us to expand resources and knowledge. I visit a lot

An admin could make this a wiki so other users can also edit.

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IMO, the whole post should be rewritten. I don’t want to offend anyone, but most of the points OP pointed out are merely misconceptions about good design. :man_shrugging:

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I reserve my spot to make a Wiki version of this :raising_hand_man:

How to make this wiki

I will redo this post, with credit ofc.

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