Title bar back button not work

title bar back button not work

What is not work for a problem?
What does not work?!?

I have the same problem. When I click the back button, the block in the “title bar back button” will not work

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also my problem is same

Fixed for next bugfix release.

What you can do now ?

  • do not use the block
  • wait for next bugfix release (september)


@Mika please look into this problem too. the permission error when Push Notification Component is used. And Fix the Bug in next release.
this is an example aia file giving error PushNoti.aia (23.2 KB)
i checked it with android version 6.0.1

Iam not the only developer and you have not to tag me.

Sorry but nobody replied to any of my post… but the thing is to point out a bug.

Sir I am waiting for title bar back button please update quickly

Nope, we all see your bug reports and posts. Some may not feel like replying at that time or ever. I see everyone’s post because, when I get on the Makeroid Community I read all the unread or new. I think there is a post in either the Appybuilder or Makeroid Community, where it says dont tag users on the first post. Even if it wasnt on the first post, tagging someone on every post or reply… Really makes the Devs annoyed and even me. This doesnt just go for you because, alot of people do this in which they remove it from their post if they get called out.

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