Title bar icon is not appearing

I added the title bar to “when menu initialize” as kodular docs suggest and it didn’t appear.
so i added it to when screen initialize and checked “show option menu” in screen properties which made it visible but the “about the application” icon is also visible which I don’t need in my application. It also made the companion really buggy, now it crashed with every modification.

Show your blocks. What you have done. So other may help you.

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Show Options Menu is required for Title Bar icons.
If you disable it, title bar icons won’t show.

If you want title bar icons then you must show options menu.

If you don’t want option menu then design a custom title bar with arrangements.

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I was afraid that is the case. I tried to d3sign a titlw bar myself but i could not make it right. Specially The font didn’t look right

This depends on your creativity.

Show blocks


Should be noted in the docs…

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