Title Bar Tab Text Color

It would be much better if the text color in Tabs was the same as the Title Bar text color, instead of white.

The color on the titlebar and tabs should be white as the material guidelines say

What about readability on the lighter backgrounds? Plus continuity.

Bump, because the feature request is still relevant.

You dont need to request new things for the tabs.
They will be deprecated after next component release.

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Because it will be replaced with a new one.

I still dont understand

We have a new stand alone component ready for tabs since some weeks.
The old one is deprecated by Google.
You can later use the new tabs like you know from whatsapp and else.

What about bottom titlebar tabs?

You can place the tabs on screen where you want them.

Even in the middle :rofl:



POOF. My mind is blown.

The new tabs are a visible layout.
And you can place the tabs then there where you need them.

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Will they have the topic title? And custom fonts? Then we wont need more assets for tab images.