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HELLO community, I have a question. I developed an application which allows to send the data in my sheet google sheet. I even finished. only I want to modify my form, I would like to put the birthday date to be put by choosing from a drop-down list the day, month and year of birth. and not put it manually in a text field as in the screen below.

Here is the screenshot of my current form. the visible text field is where I put the date of birth manually :

Here is how I would like it to be. see the 3 buttons that allow me to choose the day, the month and the year of birth. so i would like it to be like this second screenshot :

Here is my aia file:

SOLIDA (2).aia (852.7 KB)

This form is found in screen 3.

please, help me

See it was very simple

First of all, you have to take 3 spinners

Now make three columns of three spinners as shown in figure

Now in 1 spinner you have to put value in between 1 to 30, and in 2 spinners you have to put month value 1 to 12 & in 3 spinners you have to put value in between 1960 to 2022.

I hope you now understand

Thank you for tour answer. yes I see. but the problem was how to store the 3 values ​​selected in the different routers so that the birthday date is sent in a single conlon of my Google sheet.
suppose I in my first spinning top (days) I select “13”, in the second (Months) I select 9 and in my last I select 1992. So that would be: 9/13/1992. this is the value my column should receive in my google sheet. now I don’t know how to store the 3 values ​​of my tops in a text field that I have to make invisible so that when I click on send, my Google sheet receives the values ​​of the different visible text fields, and that of the invisible text (birthday date).
here is my problem

Thank you. Your answer it is ok. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

You can simply use join text block.