To-Do List | Using Dynamic Components

Hi Everyone,

I’ve created an app that maintains all records of your daily stuff and you can delete or add items in your To do list Also you can set the due date and due time. I have used dynamic components to create the design like it is displayed. Am thankful to @yusufcihan for creating such a nice extension, I also have used Phase animations extension and thank you @Shreyash for this extension . If you want the aia file of the app, PM me I’ll send you the details to pay and once paid I’ll send the aia. The price of the aia file is $2.


App Link:
To-Do List.apk (5.4 MB)


You should set the category to Koded app. Because your apk is free

I had set it to koded apps but as Peter told to change it I did as I am also selling the aia


Nice app, I found an bug. Even If the the task is not selected and delete button is clicked all the task get deleted.

Edit: Even a task is selected then also all the task get deleted

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ohh I’ll fix it soon… Thanks for the reply

Add the function such that you can untick the tasks. If the user mistakenly tick the task, he/she can’t untick.


By Using Checkbox…:blush:

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I changed the link to the file and the bug is fixed… I have added if u have not selected any list item then it deletes all the items but if u have selected any item then it deletes only those…

Actually the main objective of this To-do list is to use radio buttons instead of checkboxes :sweat_smile:

Yeah I had thought of this before but since there aren’t any options for click radio button Im trying another way of unchecking the radio button :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use Checkbox for that.

There is no way to uncheck the radio button just by clicking it.
Use checkbox instead

Yeah I know there’s no way to uncheck it by clicking it so am going to place a cross button just right to the title so when users click it the radio button will uncheck

As i mentioned earlier, the objective of this app is to use radio buttons instead of checkboxes

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If anyone wants to make a custom listview just PM me, I’ll try to make it using dynamic components

I have changed the design a bit…please ignore the batch thing…

Please vote which one looks better the original one or this one

  • Original
  • This

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Not much difference in both.

How to buy your .aia file?

I sent you PM