To get caller name

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I have a question, if the application is running in the background, what is the procedure that enables the application to appear as soon as the phone receives a call (while it is ringing) and how can i copy the caller name to my app as a text

Are you making an app like Truecaller?
I don’t if we can use extensions in background and also this is related UI.

There is a component, Phone Call.

Use this extension to float views (visible components)

something like that, I tried the phone call component and no one of these blocks can take a copy of the caller name while calling me or opening floating component

Do you want to get name from phone contacts?

I want to get the caller name ( from phone contacts ) or get phone number if the name isn`t in phone contacts

Use this extension to get the name of a contact.


Thanks for your interest, but this method won’t work. I’ve tried before

What do you want exactly?

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