To get the position of alphabet in number like in smd resistors of EIA 96 series

In the code of smd resistors of EIA-96 series have some alphabet in between or at multiplier position so how to identify the place of the alphabet.

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What have you tried so far? Show your relevant blocks please.

Try this one smdresistors.apk (5.8 MB)

So, this code doesn’t have any specif rule to convert to values , so what is the best way to I can use this in table and also smd resistors also have different codes except this which i have nailed so please help me with this.

The file that you have shared is in apk format , I want to add this feature in my app , so how can i do that. So if you know please help me.

see this codes doesn’t follow any rules to convert into codes , so if you can please help me.

I wanted you to test and see if it would work for you

Is there any another way?

my_list = list from register csv =

I think this is the easiest way, without the need to do any coding, calculation etc. just type your code and you have your value.

will you tell me the whole procedure please.

I will be thankful to you if you please elaborate , actually I am getting how will it work.

I’m only guessing that you are tipping either code 01 or ex. 01Y
If 01, you wont to use value 100 to multiply with the letter (Y or R 0.01) 100*0,01= 1Ω

My example, you type the code 01Y and you get the end result 1Ω

Same thing can be done for 3-digit code, 4-digit code etc

I could use this for 2 to 10 numbers but there are almost 96 codes and 4 to 5 different multiplier it’s very difficult to go with this solution in this situation.

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You can do that for all of them

My blocks do exactly same thing as @juananton1991 blocks above

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Thank you for the help you have given me.

Here you have my smdresistors.aia (44.4 KB)

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Thank you for helping me.

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