To Much Slow Server

The Server Is Too Slow And Website Is Slow

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Can you please elaborate more with information like:

*Which browser and the Version you are using?
*What is Your internet speed?
*How much RAM does your pc has?

btw i have a project over 800 blocks and worked fine

No Kodular has the best & Fast server among all other builders.

Check your Internet and RAM of your PC.


No the servers are slow bro sometimes its very difficult to build an app it takes alot of time if the servers are slow.

My PC specification is very high but the problems still continues

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Wait if your page gets freeze for few seconds then just change your browser like Opera or Edge browser or any light weight browser because kodular usage of memory is very high and sometimes its get worst when you have slow internet connection.
All you have to do is change browser and please explain us more about problem or else questions will not be answered.

I am also having problems
I use latest Chrome browser
And 4 GB ram I have

i m using chrome browser

My Internet speed is 8 mbps

and ram is 8gb

intel i5 8 genertaion

Use Firefox, you’ll see some difference!


I don’t think it’s server speed, I think it depends on how big your app is and your internet connection… Which would make the server slow, your internet connection, not the server.