Today my App is Rejected due to SDK: Unity (consider upgrading to version 4.0.1)

I have received this mail.

After updating my App, I have also received this mail.

How to upgrade SDK version 4.0.1 and solve this problem.

did you buy any extension?

No, am not buy any extension.

then use latest unity ads extension, purchase it from marketplace

Ok, I am buy the unity ads extension. After buy it how to set blocks, Please show me blocks.

Same problem happened with me I used unity in my app version code 5 but after removing unity ads from version code 6 still I’m getting same error.

If you solve this already fixed this problem please can you tell me how to fix

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I have also recived this email.

your app type?

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This Extension is not working. So please don’t buy it.

Any Solution? I have the same problem. Thanks u.

I Fixed this problem by removing Unity ads from my app.
but remember that you have to upload new version of your app in all production like if you have that same app in beta or internal beta then you have to also upload new version with it. and make sure to rolled out set to 100% other wise you will get same email from google.

In my Situation dont have unity ADS. I have Google ads. But i have restriction of the Google.


in that situation i have no knowledge about that because i only use unity for now

I also, use Google ads…And I’ve removed ads from my App but i’m facing the same problem.

So how to fix it?

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same problem