Too many crashes after app update!

Hello all!
On 6th of October, I updated my app and now I’m seeing so many crashes:

Crash report:

Here is my app:

Anyone let me know what is this error about?


Have you checked on which android version app is crashing?

On all versions.

Have you checked on your device on which screen or where its crashing?

Just one screen. I use arrangements.
Everything works fine. I had checked everything on 2 - 3 devices before publishing update on Playstore.

Suggest to make another apk and update again maybe something causing error get fixed by new update,

I think this has been already reported many times after Eagle update.
Because my last app update was on 29th July and there were no crash reports.
Even I checked my app thoroughly and and everything seems good but there are many crash my console.

Have you already received feedback from your users about the crashes?
I also see a lot of error / crash messages in the Developer Console (Android vitals), but have not received any feedback from my users yet.

Nope, no feedback from any user.

Even then, we should know the reason why it causes so if we can do anything to resolve it, we do.

Then don’t worry.


follow tip2