Too Many Crashes After Update

it seems to be an Admob issue, see also what @BrainWork said



What is the solution of this problem?

To avoid losing users, In your case I would temporarily remove the ads, and call it a “no ads for limited time!” offer. It might even help you gain some more users. Then when this is fixed, restore the ads components.

Abraham Getzler in the MIT App Inventor forum always says: “If you can’t fix it, make it a feature”. (or something like that) :wink::grin:


thank you my friend for the feedback and suggestion i really appreciate it

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Who is working on this problem and how much time it’s need to fix .
I need an real solution.

Some crash are related to one signal, after sending some push notification, it will say “App (name) is stopped” even ur not using the app. By testing a instant push notifications it happens a lot in latest Samsung devices.