Too Many Crashes After Update

My App Was Working very fine for the past 3 months until i decided to update two days ago. Note: i didn’t add or remove any new component. only change made here is the version number and the fact that is was Packaged before Kodular Eagle and was working fine. Now when i look at the cash report after update i even get scared. am only using one screen in App and it was working fine. Details of Crash Report is uploaded and displayed in screenshot below. Please Kindly help fix this issue ASAP; Thank you

It is hard to help you if you don’t give any information about your app and what it does.


My App is a Sports Prediction App Peter. My First Published App in Kodular(Sure Tips) . No Api Used only Firebase and i have upload a screenshot of the crash report above. like i said, this is only happening because i updated on Kod. Eagle two days ago. and the only thing i changed is version number

I guess this will be for the developers then. I searched the internet

Do you switch screens in your app? Large assets that first weren’t a problem and now cause a problem. Extensions you use, etc, etc. Maybe tell something more so maybe we can determine what the cause of the crash is?

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i Also noticed this Freezes and crases only Occurs when Admob ads are about to load which before updates was working ok. i updated the PRO Version of my App too Which has no ads and it is working very fine. But the free version Freezes and crases when Ads trying to load. And No i don’t use multiple Screens when Building Apps. and No Large Assets are included in my App

Yes i pray they show up in time to help fix this because i don’t usually Complain and i love to fix issues mostly with my apps but i am 90% Sure this has to be a technical side issue with Kodular which i can do nothing about.

Since you think it could be related to the admob component could you test and see if you get an error message when using the blocks.

Do you load them using a clock or something? Just trying to think with you.

All Ads fail Blocks have been successfully implemented as a check measure and they are working. Ads loads and shows alright. But the App freezes and crashes Sometimes during the process of ads trying to load. this crashes started only after updating by which the only thing i changed is the version number and code of the app

Could you also answer this?

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Maybe that is the problem.

i don’t use clocks for banner ads, they refres automatically by admob and like i said this problem only starts after update on Eagle. i have seen so many Crash reports in September in the forum and Yet no one seem to be concern and no solutions have been provided on those topics.

Adds problem facebook add and admob add not show after update commsion system

Yes Correct

It happened to me too

@Mika @pavi2410 @Sander Please kindly look into it and also check to see if request is made by interstitial to your unity commission system, it doesn’t return void leading to this crases and freezes. Something is definitely wrong and i believe you can fix it. please the crash report is too much to contain.

Same here… Too many lags and crashing. What kodular have done in update. We dont need update like that… I felt very angry. My all users are uninstalling the app now…

Pls Kodular Fix this plssssss… @Peter


Getting same error can anyone find the solution???

any details of your crash report?
any description of your app? number of screens? components used? etc…

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Simple shayari app using 3 screen .
Admob, firebase and one signal notification using in app