App Update At Play store Rejected

Today after reading that there have been some fixes to the bugs and crases and other facebook ads issues, i decided to update my app without changing anything but only the version code and Version Number and nothing else. 2 hrs after update and my update request was rejected. details showed in the screenshot above. Please help Because i haven’t changed anything in the app. it just the same thing i was updating so why this policy violation rejection? Kodular Team Please what has Changed. kindly help

Reference to my previous post on App Crash here Too Many Crashes After Update

Thank You to Everyone in Advance

Please check the mail related to app rejection…
Complete reason are provide by them…

i have and that is why the screenshot is added. ads are leaving the app and interfering with other apps. you should please read the screenshot. like i said i haven’t changed anything in the app which was working before i updated just now

that is the content of the Email

Can you please show your app. Or post some app screenshot. No. of ads & types of ads available…

@Alapjeet Honestly you are not helping and i feel like you didn’t even read my post before replying i even attached a link to my previous post building up to this. if it will please you to know i am using only Admob. Please try and read my whole post before you reply because what i need is solution.
@Boban @Peter @Diego @Mika sorry to call upon you at this time; i know you are busy with other stuffs but i could really use your help please


@BrainWork, i am sorry to here about your trouble but i am the last one you should ask about ads. I don’t use them in any of my apps. I guess you have admob banners and interstitial or only interstitial?

Thank you for the quick Response. i am using one admob banner and one interstitial nothing else.

@BrainWork I think you are asking 2 different questions in the same thread.

Can you go through below and see if your app confirms to below policy? Maybe violation was not triggered below, but is trigerred now

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Hello Sir thank you for the repose. i have read through and the part of the reason where or why App is rejected is shown in the screenshot below as sent to my email.

App was working fine. the only thing i changed and updated was App version number and version code But Playstore rejected update.

Yes, I saw that in your initial post. What I’m saying is that maybe now they are taking closer look into the app. Everytime you publish, it will trigger new review and depends to their review process / algorithms


@Hossein Okay thank you for your suggestion sir i really appreciate it. Please is there any possibility that Admob ads could leave an app even after the app was closed? if so, what is the best way of dealing with such. i can only think about removing ads from my app now for a while because my users really matters a lot to me

i have just added four new blocks and i am about to define extra parameters to regulate what happens when those events are triggered. i pray this solves the problem or i may just have to remove ads till next Kodular Updates.

Read this carefully maybe u did something wrong ya you add wrong ad placement.

Specially this one: Interfering with Apps, Third-party Ads, or Device Functionality

Thank you very much @Shona_Creations
I Read Over and Over Again before this issue and now as well. Not the problem at the Moment. But am defining the screenshots i uploaded above to hope it fixes the issue otherwise i will remove the ads temporary till Next major update.

After redefining App with these Blocks and making sure ads are disabled when app close, stop, pause or leave the app, My Update was accepted. Thank you to everyone who helped contributed to this post especially @Hossein @Peter @Shona_Creations @Alapjeet

Your Suggestion helped a Lot. Thank you

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