Too many screens

The main goal of my application is that providing one platform to all the needs of the user, like social media, online shopping. I created listview with images and text and then I created separate screens for all and I linked those. If I do this way, there will be many screens and my app size too increasing. Now, I saw demo app of one of the kodular community member his idea was also same like me but his app is only 4 mb. How can I do that. What is the possible way to create on button image click to redirect into site.

Optimize your assets and use less screen as much possible like when someone click Facebook do not open another screen just set list view to hidden and set webviewer to visible…

How to hide list view? I think there is no such way, if there is a way like that. Suggest me?

Use visible block and set it to false.

see tip 1 here