Top of mysql list!

I upload data to anything in my mysql database.So it should appear at the top of my user app and not at the bottom.

My Wish: If I flag a post it should disappear immediately.

Please improve your question.

What i don’t understand Want to say?

We don’t upload. We make “Query”. The result of the query is lines (records). A query returns 0 or N records. These records will be shown or not, depending on what you want to do with them.

I have corrected my question

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order by field name in SELECT

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Yes you can do it easily by running a query like this
If a table named as data contains columns like
Names and id and time ( of upload)

Then u can get last uploaded data in top of list by this example query

Select (Names, id, time) From data order by time DESC;

Also search for ascending and desending data queries for mysql

As if your id is set to auto increment then when a new data uploaded it will have a unique number
So u can also set query

Like order by id DESC

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I saw a lot of users are asking about such questions

It will be very useful if they go through basics of sql queries

Atleast they should study
Select, insert, create, update, delete, order by, limit queries
Otherwise they cannot work with mysql or sql lite component

Because these queries are the back bones of sql based databases and are the simplest of all
So invest some of your time in learning basics of sql

U can try
SoloLearn app from play store

And if then u get stuck somewhere then we are all here to help you
Don’t worry :heart::heart:

Yes I’m using auto increment

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Then use order by id DESC ; type of query

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So use order by desc …


Thank you i just go to the play store and download

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“Thank you i just go to the play store and download”
I don’t understand … please mark it as a solution to your question.

phpMyadmin is best place to learn mySql.

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The Best ? OMG ! :joy:

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Yep, it provides Live Test feature.

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Yes, I know it very well … it is a good tool … but … the best?

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Actually I said ‘best place’ which it is but I don’t know about ‘best method/way’ :thinking:

No I don’t think so
Because Its not best for new users of sql
The methods used in SoloLearn app are easy to understand
And besides this they also provide alot of other course for programming and every one can learn easily because they teach to the point and not include unnecessary things…
That’s why i liked them the most.

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