Torrent search engine

Name - Torrent searcher
Description - It helps to search torrent files and download them as torrent which can used by utorrent or bit torrent to download files.

Apk -
Torrent-Searcher.apk (5.2 MB)


Ui looking nice

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Good job…

I think You must correct some spelling Mistakes !
It’s Sorry not soory


Ok, I will do it.


Nice work. :ok_hand:

It’s not working properly.
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Error 1101 is most likely an internet connection-related issue.

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The connection is working perfectly, I don’t know why it give the error.

Hey nice and simple app. During your app usage I came across following points

  1. Even when search string is empty it shows the result. Video :point_down:

  1. Show the cursor when search text box receives focus. Refer above video

  2. You can display a search(magnifying glass) button instead of that current button which is now on keyboard.

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It was just simple app that made me to learn about json and working with apis. My motive with app was only to learn.
You can check it out it’s aia file–Torsearcher.aia (48.2 KB)
It’s based on yts api

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If you are providing Aia then make the catagery of this topic to #koded:opensource :blush:
Btw, Nice App

@Sherpuraala please put the aia on the top of the topic because many people don’t see the whole topic