Track Monitor App | Simple Method for Tracking Progress for group activities

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Track Monitor

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“Track Monitor” for those who love to compete and collaborate.

when you agree with your friends on a specific goal or task or Target to achieve, whether it is reading a book, studying a specific subject, committing to work out or even watching a series of documentaries.

You always need to know where are you from that plan and where are your friends ? These kinds of friendly contests encourages you to keep going if you feel lazy about achieving your target.

This is where “Track monitor” comes in handy. you can create a “Track” and share the Track Code with your friends, and they can Join the same track using that specific code.

You can all add your progresses and watch your friends progress in real time. You also get to know where are you supposed to be now in your plan and check if you are late or on target or you are a step a head.



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