Tracking the image in a random list displayed twice

I have a list of images displayed randomly as variables as shown from the blocks below and randomly displaying as images, I want whenever the image shows twice someone taps on it and it adds the numerical value to one. How possible is it to do this logic when you are displaying images randomly? I have tried different ways, thought of asking the forum. Thanks.


i really didn’t get you, what is actually you want do ? a little more detail can describe your question

Okay, while the list of images are displaying on the device randomly with an clock interval of 3s difference and one of the images is displayed twice, whenever it shows the second time the user should tap on an image and it should show a notification that the image has being displayed twice or add a numerical value of one. Thanks.

but in random category you cant check if its showing twice or not,

Excuse me…
I think it could be done…


get the random index like shown in this example App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps


This is the inventory of AI help materials…
I’ve learnt from here…


Okay thanks, I will try to work on the blocks.

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