Tracking the movement of touristic groups

Good afternoon to all! please tell me how I can make this my project could perform the following functions:
1 saving the marked location points so that when you reopen the application, you can select any
2 so that I can see where the tour group is on the route

Good afternoon,

from my humble opinion you need a server to do so ; the main tasks at server level :

  • collect (and remember) markers
  • give you an overall of where the groups are.

One of the side effects is that the devices using your application should be connected to Internet, in order to reach the server and exchange information with it.


Recording/Saving locally in SQLITE database would be an option.

@edikusca But, local data will not be shared. So you will have to have an online database for each application user to download the coordinates to their smartphone. However, there is the problem of updating new latitudes and longitudes. These new locations will have to be uploaded to your online database.

due to my little experience, I don’t know how to configure SQLITE

It’s a relational database where you use tables (rows and columns) and it’s also a local database (in this case) on your smartphone. Note that learning how to manipulate SQLite is not the only hurdle. Perhaps, even if you learn to use it, you will have other obstacles: having an online base, making the app read data from that database, making the app upload new locations (if any).