Translations not working on so many locations


This may be a duplicate, I haven’t checked the community, but lot’s of locations around the builder are not translated, even they are translated on the translation server.

I’m just reporting where are the Turkish translations are not working, as a list.

I’ll be reporting more by editing the post, these are the only ones I’m sure about this. Some of those are not translated from the translation server so I won’t be adding all.

Is there a solution to these?

I got this problem too,
also, sometimes the image and CSS won’t even work!

and the Chinese Translations are not translated from the translation server, many of them are wrong translation!

Please update the translations if you think they are incorrect.
Your contributions will help Makeroid become more accessible to users around the world!

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@Vishwas what about the untranslatable spots?

I have fixed some of them
They are yet to be pushed to the translation centre, I think.

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Because they weren’t pushed to the Translation Center yet
And the SplashScreen doesn’t support translations unfortunately

Will you add them to the translation center?

Will we see support?