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it support hindi ?

Yes, app support hindi

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i am asking is yandex translate support hindi too ?

Yes, Yandex also supports Hindi language.
Here you can find more,

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yandex translate is asking api key for its usage and there is limit for daily usage, can we use yandex translate in our android apps and publish on google store as free of cost app and of-course with abmob monetization. Don’t you think yandex translate api key wont exhaust very quickly because of key usage limit. What is the other alternative to yandex translate. Please suggest.

There aren’t any free translators which allow unlimited, or very high, usage.

They will allow you to use it for a certain number of translations free each day, eg 500, but any more will require a paid plan.

Please help, is it ok to use yandex translator in my mobile app and publish on google store as free app with admob monetization. Hope it will not be rejected by google console.

Sure, that is fair enough. But there are hundreds of alternatives e.g. Google Translate without ads, do you really think that a user would use your app and not any other alternative? I hope the answer is yes, don’t get me wrong. Just, making apps like browsers, translators, music players, etc. seems a bit useless since there are thousands of apps just like those.

Please don’t get offended, as this is just my personal opinion.

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I don’t think it support Assamese language ???

You are right

Yes, app doesn’t supports Assamese language