Translators Needed

Yay! :wave:

We are going to need your help for Makeroid :wink::muscle:
Some users asked us if we are planning to add more languages to Makeroid Builder.
The answer is YES

We are adding more languages to our project, but in our team we only speek 5 different languages, so we need people to translate it into their language
If you want to become a Makeroid Translator, be part of the @Translators group and have a custom title and badge, just join here:

We will add there all projects we need to translate
As you can see, for now there is only the builder. We will add the Strings to translate as soon as possible, so set this topic to Watching if you want to know when you can start!

Thanks in advance :+1:


Can you use parts of the languages that are already finished but not yet integrated with app inventor?


I don’t think so :disappointed:

They have worked with .po files, while we need .properties files
But I will try to save current progress for all languages so more strings will be already translated

I haven’t tested it but i googled and found a utility that translates po2pro en vice versa.

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I will try it :+1:

Also, the project is now live here:

You can start translating from now
Also, you may have to signup in Transifex

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I signed up. Waiting your approval. :+1:

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This is no longer supported

We had to change the translation provider
It should be ready within a few days


Makeroid Translation Server

We changed from Transifex to OneSky

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Thanks to all translators!
We have finally added German and Turkish as supported languages to Makeroid :tada:

Please, we still need your help :pray:

If you are a native speaker of a different language to English, you can just signup at Makeroid Translation Center and start translating the project, to engage more users :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks :blush:


I just translated quite a few phrases in the Makeroid Translation Center to Hindi… Do I get the Translator badge?

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You can request to join group manually if we don’t grant you the badge within a week


Thanks, I have the badge.

i have created an account and translated some words for Chinese (zh-tw)

you may also add : zh-hk for Hong Kong , zh-tw and zh-hk have a little difference

We think that with two Chinese versions is enough :sweat_smile:

Hey. I just found out about this. I’ve registered and I would be glad to help translate it into Greek. I clicked the wrong link​:sweat_smile: Now I’m okay, I found the correct one.

I’m using my phone right now. And it seems that the “next” button on the website does not load the next phrase to translate as intented:/


Use Desktop
We use OneSky Platform, we can’t do anything :sweat:

Yeah. I’ll have to use desktop. I just don’t have a computer with me right now:/

Wow, this is great. Can I dubbing and translating the site and making it into Arabic …

… Is there a way to translate? I am a fast learner. I can translate it into Arabic and I have translators to help me. I would like you to make a video of how to translate and the rest I will do it