Tree, Thank you kodular

Once again thank you kodular, kodular community, kodular staff and especially those who have made the kodular.

App name :- Tree (Plant earning app)

Description :- People can earn money with this app by uploading image of the plant they have grown and they earn 1 seed for 1 image. And seeds can be used to buy google play cards or amazon gift cards.

App screenshots :-

(App apk will be uploaded soon)


One question, what’s the guarantee that the tree/plant image uploaded by user is planted by him/her only? :thinking:


App UI is looking cool. Nice work @Sherpuraala, keep it up

Maybe it’s not about the trees itself, but about to send fotos and watching ads? I don’t think Sherpuraala made this without knowing his business. How can he affort 10$ for 700 random tree pictures?

I hope there are enough people, who REALLY plant trees.

Regardless of this app here, I strongly believe that all these tree planting contests, projects, and advertisements will ultimately result in much less than is suggested. I’m sure that not even 10% will actually be planted.

The project collects the money, sends it to the forestry company - possibly after deducting its own administrative costs, which may have been set too high - which then uses the money to buy new areas to clear the old ones, after deducting its own administrative costs, which may have been set too high. That is how it looks.

I think this tutorial is useful for your app… @Sherpuraala

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Actually I am known this everything already. So there are terms & Conditions and manual check method for it. Today you can see how much children are curious for PUBG and other mobile games. They can do anything to buy in game points. And I also known to that from 100% images 90% will be fake(from 90%,70% can be determined manually and 20% seeds will be used ) but Our real focus is on growing the plants not on their amount.
Actually 700 images are written for test (that’s why I have not uploaded apk) The full app will be said completed after the calculations on giving the whole money earned from ads to users.
Our mission is to grow plants not see amount of plants grown.

Thanks for your support but I have seen it before also.

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Actually when I am making a app which required cam vision & I saw your post so i found that tutorial may be helpful for you app… That’s y provide you the link…

But i dont know that i am late :sweat_smile:

Once again thanks for support

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I am little bit confused. What actually be manual check methods?


I appreciate your efforts, but if images will be fake, then how your mission to grow more trees will be checked and accomplished?
By fake images I mean, that I can easily capture an image of plant/tree in front of me and post it if I am getting money in return. How will you know if that plant was really planted by me?


Ok, leaving this project for sale

Perfect! He knows Kodular will not gonna approve an earning app, so he intentionally doing this. You know this is an earning app, but you can’t say a word! What a trick to get approval on earning app! Good job man!

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