Triangle extension

I require an extension that creates a triangle of required height and width with borders on only two sides. The extension should have options to set the color of the triangle, border width, border color, height and width of the triangle.

And the extension should handle creating many triangles together

something like this but inverted.
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-25 at 10.45.06 AM

To discuss the pricing, please send a PM

What about drawing the triangle on the canvas?


I had tried doing that, but I require multiple triangles in different arrangements so I had to dynamically create canvas components, and then I used the draw Shape method. But the problem with that is, there has to be a delay for drawing the triangle after the canvas component is created so I even used delay extensions but it doesn’t work in a large project. That’s why I requested an extension that handles multiple triangles.

To get a delay, use the clock component,no extension necessary…

Sorry I forgot to mention, I already had used clock component but as I said, it doesn’t work in large projects as there are other dynamic components interfering as well.

And let’s not discuss about the problem here as this is marketplace category

If you do it correctly it will work in any project



@vknow360 made the extension.

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