Troubles with List - How can I split an Index?

Hi everybody,
I’m experiencing troubles with something i found always very tricky: lists.
The app is a quiz game where you have to guess the cocktail by the recipe.
What I dreamed was that i just write a cocktail.txt with every line like so:
“Number of level” , “Recipe” , “Solution”
At the moment my game-app should extract everything from a .txt like so:

1, Vodka,TripleSec, Lemon,Kamikaze
2, Gin,TripleSec,Lime,White Lady

I managed to upload the file, to make it read and call the action of “got file”
I also managed to separate the lines from the file and create a new list for each line.

Now my new list is just:
1 (the level of the game)
Kamikaze (the solution of the game)

Which is perfect. What i need to do now is just select the item and gives it the %variable for “level” “recipe” and “solution”.

I thought by using “select item in list” from index it could easily returns me such a thing:
index1: 1
index2: Vodka and whatever
index3: Kamizake

But it says that the whole file is just index 1. Lenght’s list gives me 1. If I try to use “find item Vodka in list”, it gives false.

I just can’t select an item in that list. How can I split them?


blocks (3)

blocks (2)

Could someone help me out whit this?
Thanks in advance!

Try this one cocktail.aia (2.5 KB)


Thank you very much indeed!
It seems to work good!

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