Truecaller Sdk integration

I want to integrate Truecaller login in my app can anyone tell me how can I initialise it and get the login number like meesho,bigbasket,etc. If is there any extension available then also please tell me. I need it urgently for my App. Is there any way ?

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Can you explain what this line means?
And it would be good if you give an example

I want to integrate this type of login with truecaller

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What is the problem with you the scheme is easy and simple
Is the problem that you do not know how to check whether the application is installed or not?
Or is the problem that you do not know how to create a screen and ask the user for some information to log in?

Thanks, mahmoud_hooda for chipping in.

Hey Gaurav_Bansal

We would request you to follow our documentation given here step by step to get started with the Truecaller SDK integration.

Please feel free to write to us on our support channel in case you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer.

Parth Bhandari
Associate Manager - Partner Success

Yes I don’t know how to execute it can you please share a aia after executing this method

I don’t know how to use Sdk in Kodular, It’s a new function for me

The steps given in documentation is are for Android studio

@Gaurav_Bansal for integration of Truecaller SDK, you need an extension.

Maven Repository: True Caller Sdk »

It is an AAR library which cannot be use directly in extension.

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Can you share me some example for this type of extension because I am actually a beginner or learner in Java/kotlin type languages


I don’t have and I guess there no such example present in the community at this time.

I can make the extension, but I don’t have time these days.

You should mention the price which you will pay, In case if someone else is interested to make an extension for you

@Gaurav_Bansal Even if you learn how to create an extension, you won’t be able to create it because

It will take a lot of effort to do this, I don’t mean it’s impossible

Ya I know how to create but only api based extension not know how to import libraries and use it as well

maybe you can use volley jar .

Ya but this time I invested money in Domains and hostings for my official website . :sweat::sweat:So now I am not able to pay something

Ok thanks I will try :relieved:

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this jar file, and don’t forget close topic

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