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Tube Promoter : View 4 View

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Tube Promoter is a video watching app that helps you get more views on your videos. It helps to boost video in your own network or other network. It is user friendly app that lets you watch others videos and they help you by watching yours. You can easily get more views using this app.


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I would like to ask some questions if you don’t mind. It’s purely based on knowledge i would like to clarify some database related questions.

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ok what you want to know

about witch database your and in witch way your storing the data of the url of Youtube?

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I user Airtable for store youtube video data
And use Firebase for store account details

interesting also i wold like to tell you that there is an bug in your app witch you may need to fix. it is on back press

ok thank you

I want to buy this app private info removed by Mod mail me on this email id

Do not share private infos in the community, use PM instead. For now you can wait till the developer reads your post

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